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Your search for an SEO company ends right now. If you’re reading this then more than likely, you want to get more eyes on your business on Google so that you can get more relevant business from the increased traffic. If that’s you, then I’d like to offer you a site audit ($3000 value) for FREE today. 


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We Help Your Business Get Found Online

We use the best SEO strategies to help your business get found more online by positioning your business very high on Google. 

SEO Specialist

SEO Strategy

First of all, take advantage of our Free SEO audit. After we receive your information, we’ll give you a call to speak with you about your business and determine if we’re a good fit. If we’re a fit, we’ll talk about an SEO strategy that will help your business. 

Keyword Research

We’ll find out what words your customers use when searching for your business on Google and determine the location that could most likely make your business the most money based on their demand for your services. 

Content Optimization

After we find out what your prospects are searching for based on the demand, we’ll serve them with exactly what they’re looking for. We’ll develop content that will is most relevant to that demographic. This is what gets you a lot of business. 

On Page SEO Optimization

On-Page optimization can get technical. This is where we look at all the technical aspects of your existing website and make the necessary adjustments and corrections which will then enable your website to rank much better. 

Off Page SEO Optimization

This phase is probably the most important reason as to why your website will outrank all your local competition and get to the first page of Google and possibly the number 1 spot on Google. Link Building is always a part of our SEO strategy  

Monthly Analysis & Reporting

We use analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SERRush, Moz etc to analyze your website and your local competition on an on-going basis. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on what your traffic numbers look like

The 2 Most Important Questions you must ask an SEO Company before you partner with them


There are 2 questions you need to ask when choosing an SEO company. Yes. Just 2 questions:

1. Will they bring me more business?

2. Will they use best practices while getting more eyes on my business? 

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Get Free SEO Audit ($3000 value)


Still searching for an SEO company? Let us prove our worth to you by providing you with value.

Get started with our Free SEO audit right away. We’ll deliver the results directly into your email and we’ll be in touch to explain the results to you. If you want an SEO company that will take the time to explain what’s going to you, then you’re in the right place. Get started now. 

Looking For Small Business SEO?

There’s no way around getting more eyes on your business on Google and other search engines. You have to invest in Search engine optimization to make it happen.

To do that, you need an SEO company that will make that happen using best industry practices. Don’t be fooled by small SEO companies that utilize black-hat SEO tricks to fool Google. If you get caught, you could lose everything. 

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO Specialist?

SEO Specialists or SEO consultants work for SEO companies such as ours. They become your account managers who you sign up for SEO services and oversee everything SEO related to your account. 

How long Will it take to get to the First Page of Google?

Getting to the first page of Google depends on a number of factors. Most often, SEO companies or SEO specialists will tell you it takes up to 6 months to one year before you start seeing results. Well, that’s not entirely true. The real answer it this – It depends. It can take some websites less than one week to rank whereas it can take others up to one year to rank. It all depends. 

How much do you charge for SEO?

This is a very important question. One we get asked all the time. Our SEO pricing ranges from $1,000 per month for smaller companies all the way up to $10,000+ per month for enterprise-level companies.  With that being said, we have clients who pay us 500 per month and some that pay more than 20,000 per month. It all depends on the degree of difficulty and complexity in ranking your website. 

Am I locked into a Contract?

The short and simple answer to that is NO. You’re not locked into a contract. However, we recommend an initial 3-6 month commitment in the beginning. After you start ranking for most of your keywords, you can revert to a month and month commitment as long as you want more visibility and more business. 


At iEOS, we take pride in helping get more eyes on your business on Google and other search engines.  

Frank Ming

SEO Specialist, iEOS

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